Character Creation

This template is recommended.

Everyone starts with:

  • 3 Hit Points
  • 15 free stat points
  • 10 xp
  • 50 gold

Creating your Character

  1. Read the Lore.
  2. Pick yourself a name.
  3. Pick yourself a Race.
  4. Pick yourself a Class.
  5. Assign Attribute points
  6. Spend starting XP
  7. List your Languages.
  8. Pick yourself a list of spells (if any)
  9. Pick your Items and Equipment and list them.
  10. Write a backstory for your character.


Attributes are the core for a character’s ability and govern the natural talent a character has rather than learnt abilities, or skills.  

There are five Attributes in The Isles LARP:  

Strength: for every three points of Strength you can use an additional CRITICAL call with a melee attack in each watch

Dexterity: for every three points of Dexterity you can use an additional RESIST call in each watch

Constitution: for every three points of Constitution you gain an additional 1  HP

Intelligence: for every three points of Intelligence you gain access to an additional language or an additional magical cipher

Wisdom: for every six points of Wisdom you can call IMMUNE to one non-damaging call made against you each watch. This cannot be used against LETHAL or DEATH calls.

If you do not have at least three in any attribute you get a disadvantage based on the attribute:  

Strength: you cannot wear  any armour heavier than light armour

Dexterity: you can only walk while wearing any  armour

Constitution: you cannot heal naturally, but you can still heal from magical sources

Intelligence: you cannot read, anything written down you cannot make sense of it.

Wisdom: you believe everything you are told. If there are two conflicting pieces of information then you believe the more recent information over any other.

Every character starts with 1 in each Attribute and a starting character has 15 points to spend among all of the attributes. A starting character can’t put more than 7 points in a single attribute, for a maximum score of 8 at character creation before bonuses from Race and Classes. After allocating the points given at character creation, a character can raise an attribute by spending 2XP per attribute point.