To a Barbarian, civilisation is a sign of weakness. They embrace their animalistic nature – keen instincts, primal physicality, and ferocious rage. They thrive to be with the wild, hunting with the tribes and living in the chaos of battle.


+1 Strength  +1 Constitution

Athletics Expert

Survival Novice

Choose one of the following:

Athlete, Charger, Durable

Special Abilities:

Free: Unarmoured Defence: When not wearing armour, gain 1 resist per watch.

6xp: Rage: Gain 1 critical for every hit point you lose.

6xp: Reckless Attack: For one encounter per watch, at the start call ‘Reckless’. For the encounter you do double damage, but have no damage resists.

6xp: Intimidating Presence: When you deal a killing blow, you can call ‘fear’ on your next hit.

6xp: Relentless Rage: When you drop to 0 HP, you don’t fall unconscious until you stop fighting.