The Bard is a Master of song, speech, and the magic it contains. True Bards are not common in the world. Not every minstrel singing in a tavern or jester converting in a royal court is a bard. One must discover the magic hidden in the music. Most Bards prefer to stick to the sidelines during battle, using their magic to inspire their allies and hinder their enemies from a distance.


+1 Charisma +1 Dexerity                                                     

Persuasion Adept

Arcana Adept

Start with 4 spells

Mana = Charisma

Choose one of the following:

Actor, Inspiring Leader, Lucky

Special Abilities:

Free: Bardic Inspiration: Sing a song, give a speech, or use your talents to inspire an ally that can see and hear you. They get 1 Resist for the next 10 minutes. You can only inspire one person every half hour.

6xp: Song of Rest: Use your talents to calm your conscious allies. With 2 minutes of roleplay, up to 3 friends may regain their resistances and 1 HP.

6xp: Cutting Words: As you insult an enemy, they cannot cast spells.

6xp: Magical Secrets: You gain an ability related to your character’s talents to the GM’s discretion.