Clerics are Divine healers and warriors, serving the gods on the battlefields. The gods don’t grant this power to just anyone, but only to those chosen to fulfill a high calling. Harnessing divine magic doesn’t rely on study or training, but learn with guidance through prayer.


+1 Wisdom +1 Strength

Arcana Adept

Athletics Novice

Armour Class Novice

A Deity and a Holy Symbol.

Start with 4 spells

Mana = Wisdom

Choose one of the following:

Athlete, Healer, Ritual Caster

Special Abilities:

Free: Bless: gives an ally 1 resistance for the next encounter once per watch.

6xp: Divine Abilities: Gain an ability from to your deity, at GM discretion.

6xp: Turn Undead: Call ‘Holy Death’ to instantly kill one undead you hit. You can do this twice per watch.

6xp: Divine Intervention: Once per day you may attempt to call upon your deity to intervene and help. You will draw from the bag of fate after a minute’s prayer with your holy symbol present. Your god may or may not answer.

6xp: Visions of the Past: You may meditate for 5 minutes on an object or an area, and you receive a vision based on it.