Druids revere nature above all, gaining their magic and wisdom from the force of nature. They wish to preserve the balance, protecting the four elements that make up the world – air, water, earth and fire. Druids are known for their unique ability to transform into animals.


+1 Wisdom +1 Constitution

Arcana Novice

Athletics Novice

Survival Adept

Druidic Language.

Start with 4 spells.

Mana = Wisdom

Choose one of the following:

Ritual Caster, Elemental Adept, Athlete

Special Abilities:

Free: Choose a watch (Dawn, day, dusk and night) gain an extra HP and mana for it.

6xp: Nature’s Sanctuary: While meditating on nature you can create a small barrier around yourself and two other creatures, once per watch. Must use phys rep for walls.

6xp: Wild Shape: You can partially transform into one of these creatures: Bear, wolf, hare, panther – Once per 2 watches.

6xp: Nature’s Ward: Immune to poisons, diseases and addiction.

6xp: If you meditate, you can talk with the surrounding animals and nature about past events.