This diverse class of combat-based people spans all demographics of Enan, from a combat veteran to a militant barely capable of holding their spear the right way up. Fighters are found in all walks of life, and specialise in pure, hand to hand combat. They are a necessary part of any functioning combat group.


+1 Strength +1 Constitution

Armour Class Adept

Athletics Adept

Choose one of the following:

Athlete, Dual Wielder, Tough

Special Abilities:

Free: Armour Break: Once per watch you can call ‘Armour break’ on a successful melee hit.

6xp: Pushing Attack: Once per encounter you can call ‘Knockback 5’ on a successful hit.

6xp: Second Wind: You drop to one knee, and while uninterrupted gain 1 hp every 30 seconds you spend in the second wind state. Can only use once per watch.

6xp: Commander’s Strike: After a 2 minute speech to your allies, up to 3 of your choice gain 2 HP for the next encounter.