Paladins combine magic and combat with devastating results. They are knights under their gods’ command, spreading the word of light and goodness across the lands. They are bound by a strict code of conduct written in the name of the god they serve. Should they disobey, they will lose their Paladin status and be reduced to a mere civilian. No honor. No glory. No conquest for the light. A nightmare a Paladin will never wake from.


+1 Strength +1 Charisma

Armour Class Adept

Athletics Adept

Mana = ½ Charisma

Choose a deity.

Start with 2 spells.

Choose one of the following:

Inspiring Leader, Athlete, Tough

Special Abilities:

Free: Cleanse: With a touch you remove all poisons and dark magic from an object or organism once a day.

6xp: Divine Shield: You form a barrier of light around you and anyone who can touch you. You are protected from dark magic and undead while in this state until you lower your hands, and anyone taking shelter is no longer guarded if the touch to the caster is broken.

6xp: Guidance: You may seek guidance with your deity through performing a ritual. It will require 20 minutes of role play, and provide offerings elaborate enough to pique a god’s interest. (Please inform a GM before the ritual is conducted)

6xp: Path To Righteousness: You are forgiven by the Paladin order for your wrongdoings, and welcomed back into their ranks. (Requires GM discussion)