Rangers are people of the wilds, priding themselves on their ability to become one with the wilderness, and use their skills to pick off threatening forces in the wild. Most rangers hunt, guide, trap, or fish for a living, and tend to have spent most of their lives in the wild.  They are known for their skill with ranged weapons and stealth fighting.


+1 Dexterity +1 Wisdom

Acrobatics Expert

Survival Novice

Special Abilities:

Free: Way Of The Wilds: You may communicate with animals and beastials incapable of using a spoken language. Phys-reped with an “L” sign when speaking.

6xp: Death From Above: A ranged shot does one extra critical per watch.

6xp: Hunter: 20 minutes hunting gives you enough food to feed your group and regain 2 hp each.

6xp: Favourite Enemy: Choose a type of enemy (Undead, beasts, dragons, etc), when facing them, you do double damage against them.