Sorcerers are masters of the Arcane. They don’t need to spend hours practicing like wizards, or make dark deals with demons like warlocks. Magic is simply part of their being, a way of life.


+1 Charisma +1 Constitution

Arcana Expert

Armour Class Novice

Mana = Charisma

Start with 5 Spells.

Choose one of the following:

Elemental Adept, Lucky

Special Skills:

Free: Wild Magic: You may draw from the Wild Magic bag once per encounter. (Or hour while out of combat)

6 xp: Magic Blood: Your mana restores every even hour rather than every watch.

6 xp: Controlled Chaos: When you draw from the Wild Magic bag, you can draw two tokens and choose the favourable option.

6 xp: Avatar of Chaos: Every time you cast a spell, you may draw from the Wild Magic bag once.