Wizards prefer the scholarly aspects of magic. Their power comes from the books that they collect, and most of their spells are learnt through study of language and physical form. Their mana comes from their Intelligence level.


+1 Intelligence +1 Constitution

Arcana Expert

Medicine Novice

Mana = Intelligence

Start with 5 spells

Spell Book

Choose one of the following:

Elemental Adept, Ritual Caster

Special Abilities:

Free: Scholar: A wizard can regain one mana per 5 minutes reading or writing magical theory.

6 xp: Bookworm: You may choose a different spellcasting class. You can learn the spells of that class.

6 xp: Scrying: After concentrating for a few minutes, you may see a place you have been before. You see in real time. You can only do this once per watch.

6 xp: Third Eye: After compelling roleplay, you may receive one hint about the future of a person. You can only do this once per day.