Each Feat costs 4xp.

Note: Any Feat with * beside it means that it can be taken multiple times. If you take a feat several times, the effects are doubled.

*Athlete (Req: 6 Strength): Can resist and call knockback once per watch.

Actor (Req: 6 Charisma): Can mimic the speech/sounds made by another creature. You must have listened to this being for at least 1 minute. If a creature’s wisdom score is higher than your charisma, they can tell it is fake.

Charger (Req: 6 Stre.): If you hit a creature before they hit you, you may use fear once per watch.

*Dextrous (Req: 6 Dexterity): Gain 1 ranged critical per encounter.

Dual Wielder (Req: 6 Strength/Dexerity): May dual wield weapons.

*Dungeon Delver (Req: 9 Wisdom): Avoid all damage dealt by traps. Can gain 1 extra hint when deciphering runes and symbols.

*Durable (Req: 9 Constitution): Choose a damage type to gain 1 Resistance per encounter to

*Elemental Adept (Req: Ability to cast at least one spell): When you cast a spell that does elemental damage, double the damage once per encounter.

*Great Weapon Master (Req: 10 Strength) Once per encounter, when you perform a killing blow on an enemy, gain a critical hit.

Healer (Req: 9 Wisdom): When attempting to stabilise a creature, you may bring them back to health equal to your own.

Inspiring Leader (Req: 9 Charisma): You can spend 2 minutes giving a speech to your companions. When you do, choose 5 friendly creatures and they receive temporary hit points equal to half your HP. These HP last for one watch. This ability can only be used once per day.

*Linguist (Req: 9 Intelligence): You learn 3 languages of your choice. You gain the ability to create written ciphers. Others can’t decipher a code you create unless you teach them, they have a higher intelligence score than you, or they use magic.

Lucky: You may make another death save (Either for yourself, or in attempts to revive an ally). If you succeed in either, it is a success.

Mage Slayer (Req: 9 Strength): If an enemy hits you with a spell before you hit them, you may double all non magical damage against them.

*Magic Initiate (Req: 6 Intelligence): Choose 3 spells to learn. You may only use these once per watch.

Ritual Caster (Req: 6 Wisdom): You gain a book containing 2 rituals of your choice. You may add rituals to this book as you find them. Rituals take half the time to cast.

*Sharpshooter (Req: 9 Dexterity): Can call cripple on a ranged weapon attack once per encounter.

*Skilled (Req: 6 Wisdom): Gain two adept skills.

Tough (Req: 6 Strength): Gain 1 HP for every 3 points in Strength, as well as Constitution.

*Decapitate (Req: 12 Strength): Can call death with a melee weapon strike once per encounter.