Novice 3xp, Adept 4xp, Expert 5xp


Novice: May use thrown weapons. 
Adept (3 Dexterity): May use guns. 
Expert (6 Dexterity): May use bow and arrows.


Novice: May cast 1st level spells.
Adept (3 Intelligence): May cast 2nd level spells. 
Expert (6 Intelligence): May cast 3rd level spells and rituals.

Armour Class

Novice: Allows you to wear light armour.
Adept (3 Constitution): Allows you to wear medium armour.
Expert (6 Constitution): Allows you to wear heavy armour.


Novice: May use short weapons (Less than 90cm).
Adept (Strength 3): May use long melee weapons (Less than 110cm).
Expert (Strength 6): May use 2-handed weapons (110 cm+).


Novice: May create poisons.
Adept (Intelligence 3): May create healing potions.
Expert (Intelligence 6): May create buffs/drugs.


Novice: 5% bonus to buying/selling items. Requires at least 1 minute of role-play.
Adept (3 Charisma): 10% bonus to buying/selling items. Requires 1 min. of role-play.
Expert (6 charisma): 15% bonus to buying/selling. Requires 1 min. of role-play.

Sleight of Hand

Novice (Dexterity 3): May try to pickpocket by attaching 2 pegs to a container’s opening
Adept (Dexterity 6): You may whisper rather than call critical to a target.  
Expert (Dexterity 9): May whisper Death once per watch. Only effective if the strike lands on an unaware target OR the strike lands between the shoulder blades and is delivered from behind the target.


Novice: May recover junk from scavenging.
Adept (Wisdom 3): May recover plant samples.
Expert (Wisdom 6): May recover creature organs.

Thieves’ Tools

Novice: May unlock easy locks.
Adept (3 Dexterity): May unlock medium locks.
Expert (6 Dexterity): May unlock hard locks.