The Closing of the Planar Doors – 1298BG (Before Gods)

Thousands of years ago, the planes were easily accessible. To gain access to another world, you simply needed to walk through the Planar Doors. This was problematic; the dead never stayed dead, the demons and gods waged wars, and mortals were simply prey. In attempts to stop the chaos, the gods united in ritual to close the gates between worlds. After this ritual was complete, nothing could transport between the planes, including the gods.

The Cleanse – 958BG-947BG

After the doors between planes closed, the Material Plane was left with beasts from other worlds who had been in the Plane during the closing. Many of these beasts included demons. Mortals united under a single banner to conquer these beasts and cleanse the land. After this, the Mortals finally developed their civilisation.

The Night of the Parting – 752BG-0AP (After Parting)

The Isles were not always isles, they were once a single piece of land.

Since the Closing of the Planar doors, the gods had been debating amongst themselves. Many disapproved of being restricted to the Celestial Plane, and wished to interact freely. A civil war was on the brink of starting, when one of the Celestials, presumed to be Starin Raul herself, demanded order, and put forward the idea of a Divine Contest, of which the winners will be part of a Council that may decide.

No one knows exactly what happened during this contest, but the Nine Divines were decided, and the Council was formed. The Council agreed to open the planes once more, but to continue to block the Nine Hells, and restrict access to all those that were not Celestial. It is believed that whatever ritual took place was so powerful that it sent a crack through reality, causing damage throughout the planes. In the Material Plane, the Land split, forming the Isles.

The Blinding – 25AP

The first of the gods began to make their appearance, and gain favour from the Mortals. Much went wrong in this time, as the eyes of Mortals had been closed from the Heavens for so long, and seeing a Celestial in their true form burned them. The gods soon learned that they would have to come in a Mortal form to the Mortal Plane, but this was dangerous as they could be slain. Many minor gods lost their lives in this time.

The Hour of the Dragon’s Blood – 142AP

Many Mortals feared the powers of the Celestials, and wished to be protected and grow stronger. So they turned to the most powerful entity on the Mortal Plane, Dragons. The Dragons agreed to protect any that worship them, and grant them power for good faith. A large following began of people who worshipped the Dragons. These people vanished, and after some time returned, remade into ‘Dragonborn’.

The Time of Celestial Power – 150-164AP

After seeing that the Mortals had no faith in the Celestials, and were turning to Dragons (A beast that they had created), the gods became jealous and scared. In attempts to prove their power to the Mortals, they sent angels to slay one of each coloured dragon, turning them into strange orbs. They offered knowledge, power and kindness to those that would follow them. Soon, their offers became tempting to Mortals. The Humans were the first to follow them, and thus Starin Raul granted them a blessing of leadership, and one of the mysterious orbs were placed in the Human Ruler’s hands.

The Hour of the Horne – 164AP

As a final show of power, and a ‘gift’ to the Mortal Realm, a new race was created. These people came from the wild, and had the ability to change shape into a ‘blood animal’. Starin Raul and Mystra both claim it was their work, but no one knows for sure.

The Uniting – 183AP

Exploration beyond the mainland began as some Horne had the ability to fly, and Mortals began crafting boats. It was discovered that some lands still had civilisations, while many were lost. The Gnomes were discovered to mostly have been wiped out.

Mortals came to work with each other, and more advanced civilisations began.

The Discovery of Magic – 520-529AP

There were many Mortals that were curious about the way Dragons and Hornes worked, and how they could harness their abilities. A group of Humans and Elves came together to hunt down dragons, kidnap Horne and experiment on them. After some time, their work became known. Many come together in attempts to stop the cruelty, but it was too late. This group had discovered the secret to possessing the power they call ‘Magic’.

The Rise of Draconia – 530AP

After the discovery of what the Mortals had done to their ancestors, the Dragonborn were disgusted. Rather than begin a war, the Dragonborn made a deal with the Royalty of the Mainland. The Dragonborn would take the island to the East, and it would be their haven. They invited the Horne to come with them, but the Horne Elders turned down the offer, claiming the gods were watching them, and Tyvir would make this right.

The Rise of Magic – 557AP

After tension settled, Mystra came to the Mortals and offered a guiding hand in learning to use magic in a peaceful setting. She taught the first mortals to accept that they were indeed able to unlock these powers, although it would be more difficult to those not of magical blood. Magic soon become accepted within society, with the experiments put behind them.

The Peace – 557-2953AP

The longest lasting peace occurred in this time. Over the course of the thousand years, factions grew, tribes were formed and hierarchy solidified. Markets and cities sprouted, trade routes developed, churches were built.

The Burrowing – 1467AP

Dwarves backed away from society, and dug into the Ironheights Mountain.

The Time of Elves – 2901AP

The High Elves of the court in the City of Light sat down with the King of that time in a great, private meeting. King Raul IV had no children, and his wife had deceased, and it was decided that the crown would be passed to Enan, a High Elf 285 years old, with three children. This was seen as a blessing from the gods, and a dawn of a great era.

The Spilling of Her Blood – 2953AP

In an incident, which details are not known by many, a Horne cast a spell that delivered a killing blow to the Queen. King Enan was shaken with grief, and retreated into his kingdom for some time.

The War between the Horne and Elves – 2961-2967AP

During the Hornic Celebrations on the Day of the Elders, an attack was made by King Enan. The King declared war against all Horne, still ridden by greif. Horne were declared outlaws, and the Elders were slain.

Present Day – 2989AP

The world has recovered from the War, but tension is constant. Signs of a lasting famine are presenting, but society is stable.