The Asari Druids (A-Shar-I) 

Druids that have dedicated their lives and tribes to the Elements. There is one dedicated to each of the Four main elements spread throughout the Isles. It is known that there is a ‘Chosen One’ within each generation in the tribes, and those individuals make a trip around the other Tribes, training in their specific ways and gaining their blessings. They often return to be made the Tribe Elder once the previous have deceased.

The Burning Crusade

Mages that fought for the Horde. Work against the King, believing he is hiding something, or has alternative motives. HQ is a tower that has been known to wander.

The Adventurer’s Guild

A guild for adventurers and mercenaries. The guild offers contracts for their members to slay particular animals and beasts in exchange for coin and a place to sleep. The guild can be found in most major cities.

The Fighter’s Guild

A group that has existed for centuries, but recently has fallen. These people were dedicated to using their abilities for good and honour. During the Horne/Elf war, the guild took sides and most died fighting amongst themselves. Their Headquarters was in El’Vallahna, and now is buried.

The Thieves Guild

Prominent throughout the Mainland is the Thieves Guild. These people are more organised and talented in their thievery. Guards largely ignore their presence, as the rumours of what the Guild does to those who speak out are horrific.

The Hornic Elders

At all times, there were Nine Hornic Elders, whose blood animal were Dragons. These Elders lead their people and kept peace between nature and mortals. During the War between the Horne and the Elves, all were slain.

The Elven Royal Family

Around fifty years ago, the Human rulers of the Isles relinquished the Crown to the new King, Enan. Many were confused at the sudden change, never had an Elf been in control. This confusion quickly was drained through celebration, with people believing this was a blessing and a sign from the gods. Twenty five years ago, Enan’s wife was killed by a Horne’s curse, and in Enan’s grief, he declared war against the Horne. Soon after the last Elder was executed, rumoured spread that Enan had disowned his son, who was to be his heir, and banished him.

The Order of the Divine Brotherhood

A faction of faithful followers of Myrkul and Tyvir.

The Red Moon

An Elven Druidic tribe known to wander the land. Not much is known of them, although there are rumours of strange happenings around them.

The Old Order

Not much is known about this group, other than they are strictly against magic, and aren’t shy in attacking Draconians and Horne. Some view the Order as a Cult.