There are many different tales about how the Isles came to be, but the common belief is that when the gods competed for the thrones, the clash between them resonated through the planes and tore the great country into pieces. Claims of which god dealt the damage are widespread.



The Main Land:

The biggest and most populated island. This is where you will find most races and diversity in the land. Since the Night of the Parting, however, the land has been plagued with war and discomfort. Before the Parting, the population lived in harmony. Afterwards, races fought for control, the Elves and Humans in particular. For a long time, the humans ruled. But 20 years ago, a great war took place and the Elves took reign.

El’Vallahna (El-Vel-ah-nah)

The Isle’s capital. For centuries it was known as the City of Light, but since the Elves took the throne it has been known by it’s Elven name. The city is known, and given its name for the great fountain that lays in the centre of the high district. The Fountain of Light. This fountain erupts a beacon of magic light into the skies, that can flash different colours.

El’Vallahna thrives on its guilds and services, and offers a good place for traders to set up shop. It’s a close second to the market capital of the isles, Faerun. The Fighters guild used to be based here, but now it’s a known target for a new Thieves Guild hotspot.

This city is mostly inhabited by Elves and Humans, and inhabitants are generally well off or rich.

Faerun (Fae-Rune)

The trade capital of the Isles. Here you will find populated marketplaces and many colleges and guild halls. This city is diverse and free, with people of all races, beliefs and wealth living in its walls. This is also where you will find the Bard’s College.

Zloeridge (Zlo-Ridge)

A heavily religious city. Here is where you will find many great churches and altars. Druids are known for living on the outskirts, and the people work with them to create the most beautiful city in the land. Many Clerics and Paladins train within this city.

Ironheights (Iron-Heights)

The biggest mountain in the lands. It’s known for its Dwarven City that prospers within it. Not many people have had the chance to go inside its walls, the Dwarves being a suspicious and protective race. But rumours say the city the Dwarves have built inside is magnificent, and filled with riches.

Vrul (V-Rule)

This is where the wealthy send their children to become heroes. It has the best colleges in the lands. The College of Magic is massive, holding what seems to be every book in its libraries. The only thing banned in the College is necromancy, and warlocks are not welcomed. There is also a great military camp, bested only by the Knights of El’Vallahna’s teachings.

The Lost City

This is where the Horne used to flourish. A place that truly welcomed all. As you walked the streets you would see Horne and Teiflings roaming freely, warlocks and necromancers selling their wares and services. And the great church of Myrkul, the god of death. It may sound strange, but everyone and everything was accepted, and no one lived in fear. Until it was burnt to ashes during the great war. The name of the City used to be Oakarsha.

The Islands:

Draconia (Dra-Cone-Ia):

This is where you will find the great race of the Dragonborn. The land kindly offers many different options for these scaly humanoids. In the north, the Dragon’s Heart volcano offers heat for draconians of gold or red scales. The south, where the main city is located, offers the cold of winter, and there is much in between. You won’t find many races beyond the Dragonborn here. And not many know of how this land is faring these days.

The Bordal Strip (Bore-Dal):

Another great trading post is the City of Bordal. Here you will find exotic wares and services that may be considered controversial in the Mainland. The Adventurer’s Guild’s Headquarters is set up in the main city, and many believe the Thieve’s guild originated here.

The Forgotten Island and Waterdeep:

No one has heard from this island since the Night of the Parting, but this place used to be the true market capital of the lands, if what history says is true.

The Rabid Wastes/Deadlands/Swamplands and the Rabid Mountain:

On the Night of the Parting, history says that the Rabid Mountain broke the ocean. It erupted as it grew before the people watching, and devoured the land around it. There are two islands that researchers have no doubt of it destroying. The Rabid Wastes and the Deadlands. Whatever may have lived there, didn’t survive the night. The swamplands to the south east, are simply ravaged by beasts and marsh, uninhabitable also.

Winter’s Irony and Winter’s Haven:

What used to be a palace of ice, now holds nothing but desert, and a weakly reformed society. After the Night of the Parting, the heat from the Rabid Mountain, and the separation from the cool south lands made Winter’s Irony what it is now. The people there are known for being savages and brutes, living by the kill or be killed way.

Snowridge (Snow-Ridge) and Havrane (Have-Rain):

The coldest place in the Isles. Barbarians and hunters scavenge for food, and during the harsh winters they often rely on the mainland for supplies. They are secretive, and there are many rumours circulating about what happens on that isle.

The Underdark:

The Underdark is about as explored as the ocean depths. Not many have ventured in and made it back alive, but the few that have tell a mysterious tale. The Underdark could be described as a completely different world. Rumours have it that within the dark is fantastic new civilisations and cities, although apparently most are unfriendly to outsiders. Not only are there civilisations, but new and terrifying beasts and monsters. And if that wasn’t enough, the caverns and tunnels you may find yourselves in may kill you just the same. Nothing is without danger to surface dwellers in the Underdark.

The Planes:

The Material Plane:

The plane of ‘Mortals’, and where the Isles exists.


The land of the Faeries and Sylvans. A plane of wonder and magic and nature. The day is always in Sunset. The plane is in parallel to the Material Plane and crossing through the planes can happen. The atmosphere is generally lighter, and the forests rule the inhabitors.

Shadowfell aka Evernight:

A place of darkness that runs parallel to the Material Plane, as the Faewild does. This place looks like the Material Plane, but darker and distorted by shadows and madness.  Creatures from Shadowfell may find themselves in the Material Plane as the Sylvans from the Faewild may.

The Nine Hells:

The Nine Circles of hell, where the demons and devils call home. When demonic creatures die, they ‘respawn’ here over the course of many months. This is also the only plane where a demon or devil can be killed through and through. The wicked in life often come here after death.

The Far Realm:

An anomalous plane, the Far Realm is bizarre and maddening. Creatures native to or connected with the Far Realm have the aberrant origin. The Far Realm also breaks into reality at various points in the Underdark, leading to the rise of the aboleth and mind flayer empires. Natural humanoids tainted by the Far Realm are known as foulspawn. The Far Realm was originally sealed off from reality by a construction known as the Living Gate, which lay at the top of the Astral Sea. That gate cracked during the Night of the Parting.

Astral Plane:

The realm of thought and dream, where visitors travel as disembodied souls. The purgatory of the afterlife. Souls that visit this plane may become lost.

Ethereal Plane:

The land of ghosts. Where the dead often go.

The Elemental Plane:

Divided into the four main elements – Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Perhaps the biggest plane, with each individually being the size of the material plane. Druids of the Asari often come here after dying.

The Celestial Plane:

Home of the Celestials. Where the council of the Nine is centered.

The most heroic of people end up in the Heavens after dying.

Note: Many of the planes have inhabitants from others within them. It is possible to have a character of the playable races from one of these planes. This is a rare occurrence, however.