Combat Rules (beta)


There are two zones on the body which may be hit Arms/Legs: Does base weapon damage. Torso (Front & Back): Base damage + 1. The striker must always call the BASE damage, if the defender is hit in the torso, it is up to them to add +1 to that damage.

Weapon Abilities: Amount of times these can be used per watch is determined by your skill level with the weapon. Weapon skill is determined by your stat in either dexterity or strength, depending on the weapon type. For every three points in a stat you may call the ability once.

Note: finesse means it can be either, or whatever is most suitable.

Formula: Weapon type – Weapon – (Stat) – Base Damage – Bonus effects.


Knife (dexterity): 1 Damage| May be used to whisper Death (reduces target to dying). Only effective if the strike lands on an unaware target OR the strike lands between the shoulder blades and is delivered from behind the target.
Club (strength): 1 Damage| May be used to call CRIPPLE

Improvised Weapon (finesse): 1 Damage
Unarmed (Monk Class Only) (dexterity): 1 Damage
Martial Gauntlets (Monk Class Only) (dexterity): 2 Damage


Single-handed (finesse): 1 Damage
Two Handed (strength): 2 Damage
Bastard (Hand-And-A-Half) (finesse): May be used one handed for single handed stats or two handed for two handed stats.

Axes & Maces

Hand Axe (strength): 1 Damage | May be used to call “Shield Break”
Great Axe (strength): 2 Damage| May be used to call “Shield Break”
Poleaxe (strength): 2 Damage| May be used to call “Shield Break”
Maces: (strength):One handed mace: 1 Damage| May be used to call CRIPPLE
Two handed mace (strength): 2 Damage| May be used to call CRIPPLE


Spear/Glaive (strength): 2 Damage| May be used to call PIN
Quarterstaff (finesse): 1 Damage| May be used to call STUN


Bow/Gun (dexterity): 2 Damage
Throwing Knife/Shuriken (dexterity): 1 Damage| May be used as a Knife (Damage stays as Throwing Knife)
REMEMBER: Damage noted above is BASE damage. If you are hit in the torso you add +1/ If someone hits you in the torso and calls ‘2’ then you take 3 damage. If someone hits you without making a call, that means base damage is 1, and if you’re hit in the torso that makes it 2.


Light: +2 Resists (Requires Light Armor Training)
Medium: +3 Resists (Requires Medium Armor Training)
Heavy: +4 Resists | May not cast Magic unless Paladin/Cleric (Requires Heavy Armor Training)
Helmet: May resist STUN when worn (Requires Light Armor Training)
Martial Gauntlets (Monk Class Only): May use forearms and hands to block strikes (no weapon grabbing). A WEAPON BREAK call on these becomes a CRIPPLE call. May resist weapon break twice.


Buckler: If worn on gauntlet a weapon may be wielded in the same hand.
Medium Shield: Requires Light Armor Training
Tower Shield: Requires Heavy Armor Training | May resist SHIELD BREAK twice per watch